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tv   Undocumented And Under Attack  Al Jazeera  August 22, 2018 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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yeah it's pretty much over it's pretty much full of pleasure to welcome a lot of the good in this stuff we were at on the wrong place about that but i mean come on the product of what appears to be an intimate look at life in cuba today or in the work of mom or would be like us saying. but the comment that made a year ago my cuba on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every.
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zero travels to the fine this reaches of thailand to follow young local doctors who are providing life saving care to the real community that solving problems for others is very fulfilling you don't get this in any other profession. we charge the dramas and danites of their inspiring efforts to successfully deliver the people's house. on al-jazeera. donald trump's former lawyer and personal fix a piece guilty to illegally interfering in the twenty sixth election but more crucially lytle cohen appears to implicate the president. and separately a jury finds donald trump's former campaign chairman paul metaphor guilty of tax free.
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flowing down jordan this is out there are live from doha also coming up facebook says it's a move hundreds of fake accounts from russia and iran running this information campaigns and while muslims around the world celebrate the festival of. some syrians the holidays. it is bittersweet. the man who was supposed to fix problems for donald trump has become a potential problem for the president michael cohen the president's longtime personal lawyer has agreed a plea deal with prosecutors he's told the court he broke campaign finance laws and was directed to do so by donald trump and that could have big implications for the president as christian salumi now reports. he was the president's fixer his longtime attorney the man who dealt with issues before they became big problems
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michael cohen arrived at the office of federal investigators in new york on tuesday representing potentially the biggest problem of donald trump's presidency he pleaded guilty to eight charges brought by federal prosecutors including that he paid an adult film star stormy daniels to keep quiet during trump's run for president after she claimed they had an affair the president at first denied all knowledge when asked about the payments and remain. free. but in court cohen said it was at the direction of then candidate trump that he made the payment as well as one to another woman a former playboy model karen mcdougal over their alleged affair. what he did was he worked to pay money to silence two women who had information that he believed would be detrimental to the two thousand and sixteen campaign and to the candidate and the campaign cohen's name came across the desk of special counsel robert muller
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during his investigation into alleged collusion between the trump campaign and russia he referred what he found to prosecutors in new york and in april they instructed the f.b.i. to raid cohen's home an office in new york they seized boxes of documents including communications between donald trump and collins in a statement president trump's current attorney rudy giuliani said there is no allegation of any wrongdoing against the president and the government's charges against mr cohen mr collins actions reflect a pattern of lies and dishonesty over a significant period of time. but michael cohen's lawyer lanny davis said his client had testified that quote donald trump to wrecked it him to commit a crime by making payments to two women for the principle purpose of influencing an election if those payments were a crime for michael cohen then why wouldn't they be a crime for donald trump michael cohen now faces up to five years in prison he's
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a man who once said he'd take a bullet for donald trump now people are wondering how much of a mark his case will leave on the president of the united states presidents only al jazeera new york. and as cohen was in court in new york a jury in virginia found the president's former campaign chairman guilty of tax fraud bank fraud and breaching electoral finance laws pull manifolds now facing a lengthy prison term as i got to report. was he was once one of the most influential men in washington now poor man afford his facing life behind bars after a trial lasting three weeks the jury found him guilty on a charges of tax and bank fraud over the course of the trial the jury was told man afford had millions of dollars in foreign bank accounts and paid for a lavish lifestyle with loans he lied to get. president trump was in west virginia when the verdict came down he called man a fort a good man but says the case is not about russian collusion. we think. you know.
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they have. nothing like. that. so we can. trace. the other ten charges were declared a mistrial but prosecutors may choose to retry him on a fourth at a later date trump's former campaign manager faces another trial on similar charges next month leaving some in the legal community wondering whether he might cooperate with the miller investigation they do suggest that pollyanna for it might have greater reason to cooperate with prosecutors with the special cow. investigation and if mr metaphoric does indeed begin to cooperate that's where mr trump faces potential problems on the front of the russian investigation despite the president's claims this trial is seen as an important test for the miller investigation the charges in this case may not have been about collusion but they came from the military mr manning for disappointed of not getting acquittals all
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the way through or a complete hung jury on all counts he is evaluating all of his options at this point paul minor for this is been a spectacular fall from grace for president trump's claims that robert muller's investigation is a witch hunt have been dealt a spectacular blow over muller a said nothing publicly for months but after this case he may not have to a guilty plea here is given his investigation legitimacy and that may speak volumes and gallacher of his era alexandria virginia meanwhile russia has dismissed claims from microsoft that it's been targeting u.s. political groups through cyber attacks the world's biggest software company says it stopped faked websites that were set up to steal logon information from visitors ahead of the u.s. midterm elections but the russian foreign ministry says there is no evidence to support microsoft's claims and calls the allegations a witch hunt should have a chance he has more from washington d.c. . microsoft says russian hackers set up several domain names which were removed
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last week by microsoft pretty quickly they say without any damage being done but these domain names resemble other web sites that people are familiar with users all familiar with they end their web addresses with words like senate group senate dot services hudson org i r i organize the international republican institute dot org it's where phishing campaign trying to get users to log on to these and web addresses and enter their credentials they think they're communicating with the senate or the right wing think tank but in fact by giving their credentials to hackers the russians deny any involvement this is what a kremlin spokesperson said we do not know what hackers they're talking about we don't know what is meant by influence on election we hear confirmations for america but there is no influence on elections who exactly are they talking about we don't understand what the proof and the basis for them drawing these kind of conclusions such information or proof is lacking microsoft hasn't really furnished us with any
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real evidence of the russian involvement but certainly this adds to that atmosphere of fear about russian involvement alleged involvement in the election process here in the us facebook says it's taken down more than six hundred fifty fake accounts that were part of disintegration campaigns originating in iran and russia the social media giant says the fake accounts targeted users in the middle east latin america the u.k. and the u.s. but the company identified no link or coordination between the separate campaigns in a statement posted online facebook says they use similar tactics to mislead users about who they were and their objectives well larry magid is a technology journalist and see connect safely dot org he says he believes the fake accounts were set up to target american voters. well look at significant weather in the big sea of facebook of course they're tiny but leave their accounts had reached over one hundred fifty five thousand facebook user their facebook user accounts as
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well as accounts on instagram so it has some impact i'm not going to tell you it's going to influence an election but certainly it helps propaganda and getting the point across and it's a violation certainly of facebook's terms the fairest for in authentic accounts representing foreign powers to try to influence american opinion i don't think they have any political reason why they would do this if it weren't true so my i believe them i think that these were in fact site fed up by people associated with russia as your report said to steal credentials potentially do misinformation and potentially even drop malware on people's devices i think that you know contrary to what some have claimed i think the russians that claim to trumpet claimed there's no evidence that these accounts have not influenced our election we may not have proof that they did but there's certainly no evidence that they did did in fact if you look at the way campaigns spend money a lot less money if spent on things or more money i should say on things like lawn find in television ads obviously people think that they influence the electors
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voters so why wouldn't fake accounts on facebook and ads on facebook and instagram and elsewhere influence a people who vote a massive cleanup is underway in karen or off to southern india's worst floods in a century but more than a million people are still living in makeshift camps after days of torrential rain flood waters off on the receding and some people are returning to the homes of thomas reports from the town of mana. we've met daniel thomas in an evacuation camp fisherman rescued him from his home on friday now he wants to go back. but on tuesday morning the only way back was by canoe. but if we can do it. we can very easily from here over from there a very destructive. power that if we're going to see. as we were paddled for kilometers across a broad over paddy fields and through people's gardens we heard and saw animals
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left behind and occasionally came across people thomas's village itself is on relatively high ground the central street almost now dry it's very different to when the greatest volume of water barrel through on saturday after thomas had left. his adult son had stayed behind to help rescue others and say forty could at home he took us inside the news generally good about the property and people anybody in this town died low on. the. news from the. world but one. that's remarkable when you see the damage. thomas' neighbor state to his house shook as it cracked it's still under water and in the front garden.
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another hazard. but all day tuesday the water was dropping and back on the main street a surprise two big wheel trucks from the national disaster response force had managed to drive in people just salt and then queues formed fast. yet. they had three of the men brought the basics rice biscuits water they also brought hope. these trucks carrying it is a really good sign of the waters are receding and bad though the situation still is it needs getting back to andrew thomas al-jazeera man after a lot of. mean miles later and sang suchi says it's up to bangladesh to repatriate more than seven hundred thousand range of refugees the muslim minority group fled me in miles rakhine state after
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a military crackdown began last year suchi says the danger of what she calls terrorism is still real and present she says risks of intercommunal vile.


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